Optimism is at the center of America’s continued greatness, and it is the defining character of David’s public service and of his campaign to represent Iowa’s Third Congressional District.  David spent the last 7 years working for the people of Iowa shoulder-to-shoulder with Senator Chuck Grassley as his Chief of Staff.  David knows how to tackle tough issues and get results for Iowa.


David is courageous in his stand against the waste, fraud, abuse and mismanagement rampant in the federal government.  He is not afraid to blow the whistle on government officials who act irresponsibly with the taxpayer’s dollars or trust.

Oversight of our government is one of the most important duties of a member of Congress.  The federal bureaucracy is plagued by scandal.  It has to stop.  We need to shine a spotlight into the darkness of Washington, D.C. – because sunshine is the best disinfectant.  David will hold government accountable in order to restore trust in our democracy.

David is a watchdog, he learned from the best – Senator Grassley.  He is he ready to dismantle the parts of DC that don’t work and rebuild the parts that need to work better.  David will hold government from both parties accountable as he fights for a transparent government that works better for Iowa and for America.


David has proposed a set of Better Budget Principles rooted in Iowa common sense, which will put the United States on a path toward getting our fiscal house in order.

  • Balanced Budget Amendment – The concept here is simple: never spend more money than you have revenue. In Iowa, this concept is just common sense.
  • Zero Based Budgeting – this solution simply means that each year, the funding level for all government programs and agencies will begin at $0. This is a better budgeting practice than giving every program the same amount as last year, plus a raise.
  • Sunset Legislation – attaching a sunset clause to every law enacted by Congress means policies will no longer outlive their usefulness. When the sunset date arrives, Congress will examine the program anew and determine if it should continue for another finite period of time.
  • Full Federal Audit – the budget of every government department and agency should undergo a thorough outside audit to ensure taxpayer funds are being used in the most effective manner possible.


Iowa’s manufacturing and agriculture industries are important to the American economy.  David knows Iowa has what it takes to help make America’s economy stronger than ever.  To be successful as a nation, to give job creators and families certainty for our future, we need to enact and promote common sense federal policies just like we have in Iowa.

We need financial security as a nation and as individuals.  Our country’s economic policies should encourage investment in America to spur innovation and job creation.  These policies should also encourage saving for the future and for uncertain times.  We do this at the state level in Iowa through our “Rainy Day” fund and we do the same thing as inviduals.  Iowans have the lowest credit card debt per capita of any state in the country.  We need some more Iowa style fiscal responsibility in Washington because that is the best way to get our economy rolling.

The current U.S. tax code is 74,000 pages.  David will fight for tax reform as a way to spur job creation.  Our current tax system devastates the family budget and goes straight to the bottom line of businesses that are trying to create jobs and hire more hardworking Americans.  The tax code should be fairer, flatter and simpler.


Trying to fix our healthcare system by a one-size-fits-all bureaucratic approach does not work.  All Americans deserve the benefits of lower healthcare prices and better access to providers.  Sadly, that is not what we have received from Obamacare.  We need to enact market-based solutions that work for all Iowans and all Americans.  These solutions should focus on you, the patient, not the government.

David believes Obamacare should be dismantled and replaced by solutions such as allowing individuals to purchase insurance across state lines, price transparency, and reducing hospital readmissions by improving follow-up care. These are a few commonsense ideas of market-based solutions which can bring down the cost of health insurance and of medical services.  We must ensure coverage is provided to individuals even if they have preexisting conditions and that young people still struggling in the job market are able to continue to receive coverage under a parent’s plan.


Obamacare raided $700 billion from Medicare.  No reform to our healthcare system should be paid for on the backs of America’s seniors.  David will be sure we keep our promises to seniors.  We need to protect and preserve Medicare because it provides needed security to older Americans.  One of the ways we can work to protect and preserve the integrity of Medicare is by taking an aggressive approach to combating fraud and abuse within the program.

Here are a few solutions David is offering to reduce fraud in Medicare and protect benefits for Iowa Seniors:

  • Prevent Identity-Theft by removing social security numbers from Medicare cards.
  • Improve Oversight and Detection of improper billing and fraudulent claims.
  • Encourage Better Use of Technology to reduce errors in billing and eliminate unnecessary paperwork.
  • Strive to Reduce Overtesting and the incentive to perform duplicate tests.
  • Invest In Fraud Prevention because, on average, $1 dollar invested in oversight returns $10 to the taxpayer.


America’s commitment to our men and women in uniform and to our veterans should never waiver.  David will always work to be sure our troops in battle have the resources needed for safety and to complete their missions.

When soldiers return home they deserve the best medical care available.  Period.  What has gone on in Veterans Administration hospitals around the country is inexcusable.  David believes veterans should receive timely care either in a VA hospital or at a hospital of the veteran’s choosing.  David is a proponent of an exhaustive investigation into the poor practices of VA healthcare so we can be sure no more veterans are subjected to long waiting lists and sub-par treatment.